Consuelo Crosby - Life Lnxx Podcast Founder and Host
Life Lnxx Podcast

Consuelo… with an ‘o’

Badass chica, 1st generation Peruvian, solo female who disregarded the patriarchy and forged into structural engineering… in stilettos, but really wanted to be a record album cover artist instead.  

27 personalities rolled into one that bring insight, enthusiasm, humor and fearlessness to encourage young women to live their lives out loud and on their terms.


By raising my daughters on my own, from the ages of 2 and 5 years old, I avoided stereotypical parenting by being both the mama and the dad:  the engineer who sewed their clothes, helped with calculus and art, wired the kitchen remodel and cooked from scratch all while running my own company. 

Other girls were being left out of conversations and experiences that would get them ahead in life and I was determined to change it.  

So, while my girls were both in college, I entered the USC Masters program in Communications Management to begin broadcasting my ideas and encouragement to young women so that they, too, would break the bias barrier.

After a blessed detour to care for my aging parents, and seeing them through to the other side, the time is perfect to reach out to all the chicas who are determined to succeed in living life on their terms. 

Life Lnxx… The podcast that passes on the knowledge of women who fought to get us here and encourages women everywhere to be the badass chicas they were born to be.

Never blend in…

be the rainbow sprinkles in the confetti cake batter.


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